"Friends of Dismas"

Building a Community of Hope

Ministry of Friendship

Ministry of Friendship encourages the faithful to extend the hand of friendship and to get involved in a high degree of commitment with an ex-prisoner through fellowship and ‘walking together’.

Ministry of Works

Ministry of Works engages individual volunteers and groups in activities that provide the ex-prisoner, their family and others touched by crime with practical reintegration support.

Ministry of Prayer

Ministry of Prayer provides members of the community with a meaningful, low risk level of association that serves as a direct spiritual support to individuals.

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A Hard Name

A powerful movie by our friend Alan Zweig.

A New life in Baptism

Neal comes to the water of new life in Christ.

A Day of Friendship

Fishing with Friends.

Christmas at Dismas

A feast fit for a Christmas celebration

Remembering Jim

We miss you Jim.  

“Now I have Friends”

Friends:Harry and Gordie

Delivering Christmas Hope

Friends helping friends at Christmas.