Become a Prayer Sponsor

Become a Prayer Sponsor

The foundation of the Friends of Dismas is the Ministry of Prayer.

Men and women involved with the criminal-justiceĀ  system are often alone or cutoff from family. The purpose of the Ministry of Prayer is to engage people who believe in the power of prayer and ask them to remember someone struggling to build a new life.

The Friends of Dismas will provide you with the first name of a person currently serving time or on parole. It might be the name of a parent who is struggling with a child who is in trouble. We will provide you with a bit of background (if we have it), and we ask that you keep our friend in your prayers.

It is not important that we have all the details- it is the prayer that is the key. If possible, we will let the person know someone is praying for them. All contact is confidential. There is no need to provide any information to the person you are praying for, and they will not contact you.

Each person is called to get involved according to the graces they have received. If you have the gift of prayer and can find room to include the stranger in your daily mediation, then drop us a line by using the form below, and we will get back to you to discuss the options available.

From time to time, we will post blog updates & e-mails on those we are holding prayer and our new requests.

Thank you for considering walking with another in their time of need through prayer.



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