Submit a Prayer Request

Submit a Prayer Request

If there someone or something in your life you that you would like the Friends of Dismas community to pray for then please take a moment and complete the form below and send it to us.

Please include the following information:

  • The first name and if you would like initial or even two initials of the person you want to be remembered in prayer. We trust that God will know who the prayer is intended for so no need for a complete name.
  • To help us please provide some background- just a bit- and indicate if you would like us to find a prayer sponsor for this intention.
  • Try to keep the request short but if you need to expand on the needs of the person or the intention then any length is acceptable.
  • We will post it on our “We Pray for...” page.When you visit this page you will see that a small portion of the request is captured below a picture. We will select a picture so no need to submit one. If possible try to convey your message in the first sentence so people reading the summary get an idea of the prayer request.
  • People can read the full text you submit when they click on the picture.

If you indicate inĀ  your e-mail you would like someone to specifically pray for your intention then we will assign a prayer sponsor.

To volunteer to become a Prayer Sponsor please click on the link below.

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