Objective:       To a basic understanding about ministry with prisoners returning from federal institutions– so that we may test our sense of call and suitability for such ministry.



Session A:  An  Introduction to ministry to the ex-prisoner and others touched by crime.

8:30      –             Coffee and Refreshments

9:00      –             Welcome, Devotional

9;30                    Discussion of the Fears & Questions & Introduce Handbook

10:00   –             Introduction to the Correctional System (from court to reintegration) with help of “Test of Justice” video and the assistance of ex-prisoners.

12:00   –             Lunch

12:45   –             Boundaries for CSC Volunteers – offered by Evan Heise, CSC Volunteer Co-ordinator

2:30      –            Outline next steps – offer opportunities for attendance at Dismas Fellowships, halfway house meals, retreats, and other venues. Orientation for Community Chaplaincy Volunteers


Session B: Ministry of Listening- Skills and Opportunities

8:30      –             Registration, Coffee and Refreshments

9:00      –             Welcome, Devotional

9:45      –             Ministry with Women Offenders – Presented by session leader, with assistance of ex-prisoners and “Creating Choices” video              

12:00   –             Lunch

12:45   –             Review of Partnering Guidelines in the Handbook

1:30      –             Listening with Empathy – using Dyadic encounter and drawing on material from Dr. Charles Taylor

2:30      –             Next steps –  choices for volunteer placement


Session C : An evening for learning and sharing the experience of volunteering.

An evening session from 7:00 – 9:00 PM on a week night for continuing education and reflection with new and experienced volunteers provided assistance of professionals and resource people.

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