Yesterday’s dead tomorrow’s unborn By: Lindsay D.

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Yesterday’s dead tomorrow’s unborn
So there’s nothing to fear
And nothing to mourn
For all that has passed
And all that has been
Can never return
To be lived once again
And what lies ahead
Or the things that will be
Are still in God’s hands
So they’re not up to me
To live in the future
That is the unknown
For the past and the present
We claim as our own
So all I need to do
Is live for today
And trust I’ll be shown
The truth and the way
For it’s only the memory
Of the things that have been
And expecting tomorrow
To bring trouble again
That fills my today
Which god wants to bless
With uncertain fears
And borrowed distress
All I need live for
Is this one little minute
For life’s here and now
And eternity’s in it.